Thoughts for Thinking while sitting in the cold….

I am reading Tom Ewer’s Manifesto from his Leaving Work Behind blog. He is expressing my feelings so well. Now I need to apply them!

“Leaving Work Behind is about creating the freedom to do what you want, when you please.”

“Leaving Work Behind is about creating a clear separation between the modern marriage of “success” and financial wealth. True success is happiness, which is largely driven by factors other than financial wealth.”

I know my biggest problem is my fear of the unknown. I don’t like surprises, good or bad. I admit it, I am a bit of a controlling personality, all right, all right, I am a control freak. Happy now? I have admitted it. Now I have to let it go. Not easy, not comfortable. Doable? Hmmm…. Time for commitment or submission. Do I want to submit to the will of employers? Do I want to follow the guidance of my thoughts? Ok, it is the latter so COMMIT. I hereby commit to actually work at LEAVING WORK BEHIND. Tom, lead the way please!

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “In any moment of decision, the best things you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do it nothing.”

I have been trying to convince myself to stay at Amazon throughout January. Not happily or successfully but just because of the paycheck. I have decided that January this year, in Kansas, in a Hi-Lo camper, is not for me. Now to get myself moving through this last week of commitment to Amazon, to get packed and moving down the road. I feel lighter with the decision made but am fighting the demons of doubt yet again.

I have a plan, I have a tentative schedule (last day at Amazon 19th which means 4 AM on Friday the 20th) then a couple of days in Wichita with the kids, then to New Mexico and Arizona. I have solar, I have generator and I have propane heater. I will be fine. I just need to get the small details ironed out and I am on the road to explore new country.


Frozen Water

Darn, I forgot to leave the water dripping. Got home at 4:30 to frozen water. It is not supposed to get above freezing this morning either so I am worrying a bit. Have the heat up and am waiting for daylight so I can get to solving the problem. This is not new to me, thanks to years in a trailer house in Nebraska. I just thought I had gotten past this type of drama but when it is 19 degrees with wind then it is reality. I have a heated water hose but with the rain it is under water (this park has water spigots in open pits below ground level so they are all full of water). Now I am worrying that the $110 hose has been ruined by staying at Big Chief. Best advice for others is to get in at Buckeye in Coffeyville. I should have moved when Amazon was offering to pay for us to leave Big Chief but I expected things to be a bit better than they have been as far as the weather.
Once I get to daylight I will run to Wal-Mart and get pipe wrap and try to get this problem solved then I must come up with a plan to keep it from happening again. I am wondering if the freeze is in the water faucet where it is open in the pit. I will see. Pray for me. It is too cold to be fixing broken pipes!

Rainy November Morning

I used to like the rain, but we have had enough to make life a bit uncomfortable around here this fall.  Farmers can love it, but campers, not so much.  The park managers keep adding more rock and gravel and all our trucks keep grinding it into the clay.  Sooner or later it will show some improvement, in the meantime, I don’t want to be the one stuck!

Made plans (in Jello, of course) for spending a week at Carlsbad New Mexico in January on the way to Quartzite Arizona.  Escapees are running a special to promote their re-opened SKP park there and so I am taking a small detour to visit.  I haven’t been in that part of New Mexico yet so it will be interesting.  The weather is supposed to be decent but that means 32 at night and 50 in the daytime.  Rather like what we have been having here in Coffeyville now.  

Last weekend the wind was so rough for us, just grateful it eased off.  I am sad for all those people that were affected by the heavy winds and tornados.  It is a sad part of life in the Central and Mid-West.  Cash donations appreciated.  Sending “stuff” is probably not a good idea since they will need different things than we think they need.  In my experience as a tornado victim, Lowe’s and Home Depot provide cleanup supplies and Red Cross and the local churches are on site for provisions.  Money is what they will all need the most in the coming months as they try to rebuild their lives or re-locate.

Better get sleep, still have 31 days here at Amazon, and they are 11 hour work-days!  

Sunday, I am glad to see you!

     This is a day of rest, from Amazon at least.  I did a 10 hr overtime shift last night, my first as a picker.  It was definitely a different style of work and the body knows it.  I did get in over 5,000 steps after midnight though so it was good for me in that regard.  And quite a few of those steps were stairs!  

     Stairs are still difficult for me.  Until I lose a lot of this weight I have allowed to accumulate over the years it will remain that way too.   We joke at work that we were misled by Amazon trainers about the work there.  In our orientation our trainer, Michael Cross, said he lost 35 lbs in his first stint at Amazon.  I am struggling to lose 10, it is a frustration for sure.  I suspect that some of it is that I am so sore and have swollen hands and feet often.  I will keep trying to drink more water to help with that and keep on salads about 4 nights a week at work.  I have cut down on calories for snacks in the main but I still have room to improve on that score.  

     Heading to Walmart, the main  place to shop in Coffeyville, and will pick up some rice and lentils to add to soup and veggies and hope that helps with some of this issue with the upset stomach too.  I know it is from the amount of Aleve and Advil I take so I can do this physically demanding job.  Only six more weeks and i will be changing gears again though, so it is doable.  After all, look how far I have come!

Sun is trying to shine, I am going to go for a walk.  Enjoy.

November Arrives, Halfway Through Amazon Commitment

The fun part of working at Amazon is the amazing people i have met. The not so fun part has been the rainy, muddy, cold weather. I am for warm beaches not cold plains. Fortunately the wet cold has allowed some great color to blaze in the local trees. One of the bloggers at Amazon caught some amazing pictures that she has posted at Please check them out.
I was spending the day sleeping and doing my weekly shopping but these pictures are inspiring me to get out there for a walk.
This was a long week with running the camper to Bartlesville for furnace CheapHeat installation. The propane furnace part still has a problem but it would take too long to fix, especially since with the CheapHeat installed I have plenty of heat for me. Now i just need to get on the insulation project I have in works. I bought some of the bubble insulation to put in the windows that I don’t use since I sleep all day anyway. I don’t use the front or rear windows because they are so small and I use their cubbies for storage and to display my frogs. Also not using those by the bed because I need it dark in there these days so that means all but two windows can be insulated which will help quite a bit. If I also add the insulation in the back of the cupboards then I expect it to get much nicer in here for the last seven weeks of our commitment to Amazon and then the week it takes me to head for warmer pastures, such as Arizona. Heck, if the weather is really nice there I might even spend another few hours in Las Vegas. Those Bellagio fountains are amazing!

Another day in Coffeyville

Coffeyville Kansas in October is, this year, grey and wet.   Fortunately, when you are working 50 hr work weeks and doing two online college classes you aren’t left with enough free time to get outside for more than necessities anyway.  

This week the necessities will be a load of laundry on Thursday so I can pack for Friday mornings quick drive to Kansas City for the flight to Las Vegas.  I would rather have flown from Tulsa but the cost difference was huge.  So, Kansas City it is.  

After a 10-hr shift at Amazon and last minute packing and some serious hits on the 5 Hour Energy Berry Flavored booster I will take a quick flight to Las Vegas and a bit of sunshine.  It will be worth it-  Garth Brooks at the Encore, Buffet at the Wynn and cruising the Strip with friends.  All for two days of relaxation and escapism.

This is practice for my new lifeplan.  I want to live as frugally as possible in my camper and then save enough for an escapist adventure.  Where will these adventures take me?  I don’t know, I will stay open to opportunities and look for ways to go to new and exciting places.  When the forces align, then I will go.  

Renee said last night she just bought a ticket and flew to Thailand last year and when there just went with the flow.  She had a great time and has told great anecdotes.  Am I brave enough for that or do I want to stay with tours?  I have to think about this.  Expanding comfort zones is not something that will happen overnight but after consideration, it might be worth the challenges.